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4 Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Dream

4 Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Dream

Joseph shared two dreams with his brothers and we started Genesis 37 with hate and we stopped at verse 11 with jealousy. Sharing your dreams to a room full of haters, probably not the best first audience to work out the details. Here are four questions to consider before sharing your dream!

1.) Do they believe in Jesus? I know it may seem as if this is a cliche question, but it is the critical question. You cannot share dreams with a non-believer and expect them to see the world the same way you do. Finding a core group of friends who share membership in the body of Christ provides insight and perspective to your decisions in light of the life of Jesus.

2.) Is your relationship healthy? We see Joseph struggle with this – he shares his dreams, but he does so in broken relationships. Toxic relationships are not the place to share and discuss dreams. Here we see the damage of using dreams to manipulate, create division, fester animosity, and breed contempt. If you and your normally close friend are in a hard place, work on healing first and moving forward from the rocky spot before engaging in a conversation about you and your dream.

3.) Have you seen them live out a dream? When you come to someone with a dream, sharing the idea with someone who has lived out their own dream adds a level of hope and possibility. Those who sit with dreams in waiting or fail to follow-up on dreams don’t see with the same clarity. Even with Joseph’s dreams, Jacob is the one who holds the dreams close in his mind and heart because Jacob had experienced the fulfillment of a promise and experienced a dream. Jacob himself had a dream (Genesis 28) and God’s plan would be fulfilled – no matter Jacob’s deception. After 14-years of labor Jacob was able to marry Rachel, a promise from Laban fulfilled. Jacob’s intimate knowledge of dreams and promises allowed him to hold Joseph’s dreams differently than the brothers could imagine.

4.) Are you prepared for the positive and negative consequences for sharing your dream? Sharing your dream opens you up to opportunities and feedback. In sharing your dream you may receive loads of encouragement and open doors; you may also hear constructive criticism to help make your dream a reality. Dreams take work – taking time to weigh the cost of your dream is important as you move forward in including your inner circle.

Dreams/goals challenge and direct us towards new and exciting things! Each goal we set or dream we get should be treated with respect to the will and power of God. We aren’t expected to do any of this alone, so sharing your dream will become inevitable. Surround yourself with people who love Jesus, care for you, and be prepared for God to shape you!